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Eco Friendly Gifts for Guys

By Chere Di Boscio Whether it’s an anniversary, Father’s Day, Christmas, a birthday or other occasion, getting gifts for guys can be tricky. Technology means CDs and DVDs are no longer an option; he probably already has all the…

Image: Red telephone boxes behind Young Dancer - Broad Street - London -Wikicommons
Eco-tech Homes & Tech

London’s Red Phone Boxes Go Green

By Arwa Lodhi Let’s face it–London’s icons are a bit old. Those double decker buses were so dangerous, they were replaced (imagine walking down the bus stairs, holding bags and in heels while the bus turns a corner!). The…

Cars Eco-tech

The NanoFlowcell Quant e Sportlimousine

By Jody McCutcheon This one’s almost too good to be true–but true it is. Lichtenstein-based company NanoFlowcell AG has produced a marvel of automotive technology, an electric, emission-free sports car powered entirely by saltwater. The QUANT e-Sportlimousine debuted at…

Eco-tech Transport

Looking for a Fold-Up Scooter? Meet the MOVEO

By Diane Small Here are some fun facts: personal transportation is responsible for about 1/4 of greenhouse gas emissions; the occupancy rate of cars in developed countries hardly reaches 1.5 passengers; traffic jams in most major cities are no longer…

Eco-tech Green gadgets

Our Top Solar Chargers for Summer

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi As the weather heats up and we spend more time outdoors, it seems battery life for our gadgets is shorter than ever. But never fear: several high-tech companies have become more aware of this problem,…

Eco-tech Transport

The Electric Hog: Harley Davidson Hybrid

By Nick Miles Made famous by bike gangs and 60s films like Easy Rider, the Harley-Davidson motorcycle is most associated with its long handlebars and roaring engine. But the company hasn’t lost touch with the times, and knew it…

Eco-tech Transport

Novague Studio’s Solar Yacht

By Nick Miles Novague Studio have come up with a zero emissions boat that’s 100% gorgeous. Propelled by a solar powered electric engine, the Novague yacht features two solar panel ‘wings’ on the side of the boat, which can spread…

Cars Eco-tech

XX at Formula E: Katherine Legge

By Arwa Lodhi Katherine Legge was announced as the driver for the Super Aguri Formula E team last week–the race’s first ever female driver. But of course, Legge is no novice. She’s an experienced driver with years of experience,…

Eco-tech Green gadgets

Back to the Future: Oree Technology

By Arwa Lodhi We always assume that high tech has to include metal and plastic, but Oree Technology is proving otherwise. Whether in their eco-friendly keyboards, wooden phone cases or wireless chargers, the French technology company has always blended…

Eco-tech Green gadgets

Very Intelligent: the FlyKly Smart Wheel

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi Kickstarter can be an incredibly useful “green” tool, as the FlyKly Smart Wheel demonstrates. Niko Klansek is the creator and leader of a Slovenian team of of engineers, designers, software developers and bicycle culture researchers…

Eco-tech Green gadgets

Tune In! Moss Radio

By Jody McCutcheon The search for clean, alternative energy sources has come far, yet won’t cease moving forward. We have “traditional” alternatives like solar, wind and geothermal power, and also more progressive ones like piezoelectric and even algae power.…

Eco-tech Transport

Hey Sailor! The Solar Sailor Boat

By Diane Small As most of us know, many species of insects including dragonflies use their broad, flexible, panel-like wings to capture solar radiation and use it to warm their muscles and prepare them for flight. These insects also…

Cars Eco-tech

The BMW i8: From Concept to Reality

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi Can a car be sleek, sexy, dynamic and kind to nature? The BMW i8 confirms that all this is possible. The very special hybrid has an intelligent drive concept that also represents a further step…

Cars Eco-tech

DIY Cars: Soon Modular Vehicles

By Nick Miles The European design team at Fritsch Durisotti has a lot of creative ideas for a better world: eco housing, sustainable interiors, and of course, eco transport. The duo, who recently impressed visitors to their stall at…

Eco-tech Green gadgets

TAG Heuer Meridiist Infinite Phone

By Diane Small TAG Heuer is known for having collaborated with some of the world’s most eco-friendly stars, such as Cameron Diaz and Leonardo Di Caprio, to launch some very innovative sustainable luxury initiatives, such as the zero-emission plug…

Eco-tech Transport

Agile and Eco: the Eagle Yacht

By Nick Miles One easy way to observe evolution is to see the similarities between birds and fish: wings and fins, scales and feathers both allow for fluid movements in both sky and air. This concept must have resonated…

Cars Eco-tech

Wedding Rides for Eco Brides

By Nick Miles It’s not very romantic to note, but weddings can be very carbon-intensive: guests fly and drive from all around the world to help the couple celebrate their special day; there’s much consumption of food, loads of…