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1.618 + Northmodern: A Golden Design Partnership

By Jody McCutcheon Northmodern, Copenhagen’s most-visited trade fair, made its annual appearance in the Bella Centre’s Crystal Hall from August 18–20, boasting an eclectic offering of creativity and sustainability to a curious, demanding public. Within that, sixteen exhibitors from…

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Thai Pad: Casa Lawa

By Jody McCutcheon Say you want to design a residential space for your family, an architectural venture that seeks to reconcile artistic and functional needs as well as natural and urban spaces. Now say you have only a small…

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Vintage Chic: 6 Steps to Modernist Interiors

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi With its clean lines, natural materials, neutral colours and open spaces, you could say modernist design is the ultimate in eco-interiors. Modernism in interiors and architecture had such widespread appeal, it became known as the International Style, and…

Nice Living Room Furniture Ikea Uk With Antique
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5 Steps to Perfect Nordic Interiors

By Lora O’Brien Scandinavia is having a huge moment right now. If you’ve been reading Eluxe, you’ll know that not only does the region produce some of the most eco-friendly fashion around, but it’s also behind an enormous number…

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Studio Swine: Furniture from Ocean Plastic

 By Jody McCutcheon  Like car crashes, the various oceans’ garbage gyres are disgusting and horrible, yet somehow fascinating, possessed of head-turning power. Basically these gyres are huge swaths of ocean filled with plastic refuse—bottles, bags, stuff—that has ridden converging…

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Sustainable Dream Kitchen Ideas

By Chere Di Boscio Recently, I renovated a new flat. Top of my list of concerns was how to do this sustainably. For the furnishings, that was fairly easy–I bought everything second hand. But when it came to redoing…

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10 Amazing Plant-Based Interiors Ideas

By Diane Small Urban living is great–we have access to theatres, shops, cafes, restaurants, transport and millions of other advantages. But what we are lacking is something fundamental, something primal that it seems all humans need: contact with nature.…

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The Man Who Upcycles Books into Art

Books are the ultimate recycled product–they’re meant to be passed down from person to person, as libraries illustrate perfectly. They can be stacked and used as side-tables; hollowed out and used to hide money (a more common trick than…

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10 Feng Shui Tips for Your Home

By Arwa Lodhi Feng Shui, literally meaning “wind and water,” is a traditional Chinese concept linking we humans to our environment.  It’s based on several complex, ancient notions, but in a nutshell, it aims to ensure that people live in…

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6 Steps To A Healthier Home

By Arwa Lodhi Remember ‘sick building syndrome’? It’s still alive and well–the glue from carpets can give off toxic fumes; TVs, computers and wifi create ‘electric fog’; many old houses have lead pipes, which leach into water–and all of…

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Why Teak Is No Longer Chic

By Arwa Lodhi Is Teak Sustainable? For centuries, hard-wearing. glossy teak has been considered the gold standard for wood floors, furniture and doors–so much so, that many species of this slow growing plant (which takes 80-120 years to mature)…

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Milana: Where Scent Meets Music

By Arwa Lodhi For most of us, music provokes movement, but for Tracey Church of Milana Candles, it evokes scent. The all-natural candle brand, which uses only soy wax and perfumes based on essential oils, has named each unique…