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Clearing The Air With Parin Shah Architects

By Jody McCutcheon Architects employ many strategies to achieve sustainability. From the application of basic design principles and use of environmentally friendly materials and construction methods, to the implementation of features promoting energy efficiency, the various tricks of the…

Eco architecture Homes & Tech

A Solid Idea: Blue Rock Village

By Jody McCutcheon The hunters of green living have found their quarry. The old rock quarry, that is, known as Blue Rock Lake and located just outside South Africa’s Cape Town, in view of the Hottentots Holland mountain range.…

Eco architecture Homes & Tech

A Wild Idea: Malaysia’s Forest City

By Jody McCutcheon The larger the development, the greater the risk—for developer and environment alike. That hasn’t stopped green architectural projects from growing in ambition and scope. Forest City is a perfect example of both of these ideas. Designed…

Eco architecture Homes & Tech

A Watery Wonder! Aequorea by Vincent Callebaut

By Jody McCutcheon Eco-architect extraordinaire Vincent Callebaut is at it again, with an arrestingly forward-thinking idea. Composed of a group of apartment complexes known as “oceanscrapers,” the project is dubbed Aequorea (inspired by the bioluminescent jellyfish aequorea victoria) and…

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Thai Pad: Casa Lawa

By Jody McCutcheon Say you want to design a residential space for your family, an architectural venture that seeks to reconcile artistic and functional needs as well as natural and urban spaces. Now say you have only a small…

Eco architecture Homes & Tech

EXPO Milan: Green or Greenwash?

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi Back in 1906, when Milan hosted the prestigious World Fair, the theme of the day was “Transport,” focusing on the growing car industry and the introduction of the railway (Simplon Tunnel) that connected the boot-shaped…

Eco architecture Homes & Tech

Micro Magic: The Ecocapsule

By Chere Di Boscio Love camping but find it uncomfortable? Say goodbye to cramped, damp tents, energy sucking trailers and draughty yurts—the Ecocapsule is the way forward for micro-dwellings. Calling itself “the first truly independent micro-home,” the Slovakian designed…

Eco architecture Homes & Tech

Easy on the Eyes: Agora Garden Tower

By Jody McCutcheon “Easy on the eyes, easy on the environment”. That’s an apt tagline for Taiwan’s newest—and visually striking—green building. The twenty-storey, 42,335m2 biotechnological prototype called Agora Garden Tower is rising on one of Taipei’s largest designated residential…

Eco architecture Homes & Tech

Green Rooftops Hit France

By Diane Small After having suffered through Chinese levels of pollution for several weeks in recent months, there’s finally some good news for France: a new French law was approved stipulating that rooftops on new buildings in commercial zones across France must…

Eco architecture Homes & Tech

Acqua Liana: Go Big and Go Home

By Jody McCutcheon Frank McKinney may be the very embodiment of Eluxe Magazine’s prime focus, which of course is the concept of sustainable luxury. Mr McKinney seems to live up to the adjective chain his publicist insists be used…

Eco architecture Homes & Tech

Eco Cube Architecture

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi You may be forgiven if you start to doubt your own sobriety when you walk inside the cubed building by architecture firm TheeAe. By crossing over fundamentals of maths, geometry, and engineering, they’ve created a gigantic,…

Eco architecture Homes & Tech

Maxi Good: Minimod Homes

By Chere Di Boscio Building a new home usually has a profound ecological impact. From sourcing materials from far and wide to transporting them to the site, there is much transport involved; then there is construction waste, which accounts…

Eco architecture Homes & Tech

3 Perfect Eco Friendly Houses

By Jody McCutcheon When individuals take the struggle for sustainability into their own hands, things get interesting. Take Portugal’s Miramar House, located in the port town of Vila Nova de Gaia and designed by Portuguese firm e348 Arquitectura for…