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Vintage Vroom: The Quail Rally

By Jody McCutcheon As we’ve stated before, we here at Eluxe are fans of vintage cars. Not only are they beautiful and a nod to past automotive glory, but they also provide added utility while keeping “what’s already made…

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BMW’s Next Vision: The Vision Next 100

By Jody McCutcheon Shape shifting, integrative technology, onboard luxury—these are some of the ideas steering BMW toward the future. Oh, and there’s a steering wheel that retracts into the dashboard. BMW’s Vision Next 100 concept car isn’t a radical…

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Terrafugia: Taking Travel to Land or Air

By Jody McCutcheon Here’s a cool way to beat traffic and still park your vehicle in your own garage: fly to work! The Terrafugia TF-X™ flying car is still just a concept, but what a fantastic, pulse-raising concept it…

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E-Cars at the CES: Tomorrow’s Cars Today

By Jody McCutcheon Held a short while ago in Las Vegas, the 2016 CES® represented something of a departure for the techie-dream trade show. In terms of predicting the future of electric cars, at least, one could say the CES…

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Try, Try Again: Audi’s r8 e-tron

By Jody McCutcheon If at first you don’t succeed… Thank heavens for perseverance. Six years after a first try, Audi has succeeded in creating a production-ready, fully electric sports car. It’s called the r8 e-tron (heck, call it the…

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Nelson Piquet Jr Takes the Formula E Prize

By Nick Miles Brazilian Nelson Piquet Jr won the Championship by a single point from Sebastien Buemi, after finishing seventh in a thrilling climax to the Formula E season at London’s Battersea Park on Sunday. Driving for the Chinese…

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Formula E Goes to Moscow

By Arwa Lodhi We usually associate the Kremlin and Red Square with history and tourism more than fast cars and celebrities, but this June saw celebs witnessing 20 drivers racing incredibly fast electric cars around these iconic sites. With…

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Alain Prost Plans Formula E Test

By Nick Miles Formula E is gaining momentum amongst the creme de la creme of racecar driving. Most recently, Formula 1 legend and e.dams-Renault team owner Alain Prost says he wants to test the Formula E car ‘at the…

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Motown Muscle: Detroit Electric

By Jody McCutcheon Detroit has produced two main products known around the world and while we dearly love its music, we’re here to talk about “Motown”‘s other key export: the car. You may not know this, but Detroit Electric has…

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Lamborghini Asterion LPI 910-4: A Hot Hybrid

By Nick Miles Just recently at the  Paris Motor show, one of the most anticipated hybrid luxury cars of the year was finally revealed: the Lamborghini Asterion LPI 910-4 concept car. The iconic Italian car maker displayed an electric blue Asterion…

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The NanoFlowcell Quant e Sportlimousine

By Jody McCutcheon This one’s almost too good to be true–but true it is. Lichtenstein-based company NanoFlowcell AG has produced a marvel of automotive technology, an electric, emission-free sports car powered entirely by saltwater. The QUANT e-Sportlimousine debuted at…

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XX at Formula E: Katherine Legge

By Arwa Lodhi Katherine Legge was announced as the driver for the Super Aguri Formula E team last week–the race’s first ever female driver. But of course, Legge is no novice. She’s an experienced driver with years of experience,…

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The BMW i8: From Concept to Reality

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi Can a car be sleek, sexy, dynamic and kind to nature? The BMW i8 confirms that all this is possible. The very special hybrid has an intelligent drive concept that also represents a further step…

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DIY Cars: Soon Modular Vehicles

By Nick Miles The European design team at Fritsch Durisotti has a lot of creative ideas for a better world: eco housing, sustainable interiors, and of course, eco transport. The duo, who recently impressed visitors to their stall at…

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Wedding Rides for Eco Brides

By Nick Miles It’s not very romantic to note, but weddings can be very carbon-intensive: guests fly and drive from all around the world to help the couple celebrate their special day; there’s much consumption of food, loads of…

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Bollore: Expanding Autolib to London

By Jody McCutcheon Like all neighbouring cities over time, Paris and London have engaged in some friendly competition. So when London Mayor Boris Johnson saw how well the Paris Autolib electric-car-sharing system worked, he wanted his city to enjoy…

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Green Car of the Year Awards

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi The Green Car of the Year Awards is an important part of the Green Car Journal’s mission to showcase environmental progress in the auto industry. Since 1992, the Green Car Journal has focused on the…

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Abu Dhabi F1 Hit By TWIZY

By Jody McCutcheon The last Abu Dhabi F1 race may not have featured any hybrid supercars, but it did keep the flame of energy-efficient transportation burning (the horrible metaphor doesn’t change the truth of the matter), with some pre-race…

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Oh La La LaFerrari!

By Jody McCutcheon With that signature blend of ferocious power and elegant luxury, is it any wonder that a Ferrari can turn kids into adults and vice versa? Kids who manage a rare Ferrari sighting will suddenly yearn to…

Panamera S E-Hybrid
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Plug In With Porsche Panamera

By Jody McCutcheon Prepare yourself for luxury like you’ve never experienced, as Porsche introduces the world’s first plug-in luxury hybrid. Now you can enjoy all the power, beauty and extravagance of Porsche, while steering eco-friendly transport into new territory.…

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3D Printed Motorcycle: Coming Soon

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi Jonathan Brand is a designer and artist whose 3D printed 1969 Mustang and Honda CB500 are making engineers think twice about the production process of vehicles. While previously, some parts were made on one country…

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Electro-Luxe: the BMW i3 Hybrid

By Jody McCutcheon Having already entered the luxury electric-car market with its ActiveE and ActiveHybrid models, BMW has now introduced the first two vehicles of its new BMW i brand, the i3 and i8. First conceived in 2007, Project…

Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design North America, Carlsbad,CA
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Mercedes Benz Biome Car

By Jody McCutcheon Once upon a time, vehicles were built to last. Not so much any more. And if the Mercedes-Benz Biome car concept is any indication, vehicles of the future won’t even built. They’ll be grown, in laboratories.…

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Tuvie: Car of the Future?

By Nick Miles City living usually means transportation nightmares. Particularly in Europe, with its Medieval street systems, giant SUVs have no place in the urban landscape. What’s more, with increasing numbers of vehicles on the roads each year, pollution…