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6 Simple, Sustainable Styling Tips

By Anna Van Der Heijden The best thing about avoiding fast fashion is that you are less likely to look like everyone else. Slow fashionistas couldn’t care less about the latest shipment into Zara; they’re not salivating all over fashion…

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70’s Vintage: A Catwalk Comeback

By Karen Housel   There’s a truly unique feeling that overcomes me when draped in vintage attire; it sparks a sentiment different from when I wear anything else I own. New clothes on the runway are beautiful, of course, yet there…

Clothes Fashion Vintage

Kawaii! Japanese Vintage Clothing

By Chere Di Boscio When we think ‘vintage clothing’ we usually envision Mad Men era A line skirts, flowing hippie dresses from the 70s, or if we’re going back further, war-era pencil skirts and bolero jackets. Rarely do we…

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Two Ways to Rock 60s Vintage Clothing

By Olivia Pinnock Few decades have been as game-changing as the 60s. It was the start of youth culture, popular music as we know it and of course, modern fashion. It was both incredibly of its time and ahead…

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13 Tips for Vintage Shopping

By Arwa Lodhi It seems there are those girls who know how to shop for vintage, and those who don’t–some end up with a musty sweater that looks like they found it in granny’s attic, whilst others cause jaws…

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Uber Hot: Vintage Uberfinds

By Diane Small Quite often, we hit the vintage shops loving the clothes, but are unsure how to make pieces from the past look modern  and sophisticated. Here in this shoot, Teddykins Aquino of Style Monster makes it look…

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Vintage Hermes Bags: Fit for a Princess

By Karin Barnhoorn The story is a good one: apparently, in 1981, Hermès chief executive Jean-Louis Dumas was seated next to Jane Birkin on a flight from Paris to London. She was known for carrying an open straw bag…