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Bagarama! All Kinds of Vegan Bags For Fall

By Annie Gillman

While summer lets us get away with using baskets and canvas totes to sling over our bare shoulders, autumn calls for an altogether more serious bag. We need something sturdy for work or school and the gym (which seems to get harder to hit the shorter and darker the days grow).  But finding a bag we love that’s also vegan and eco friendly can be a real struggle, especially given how polluting vegan leathers can be.

But never fear – after a long search, I’ve found 15 vegan bags for fall that suit any colder weather outfit, and occasion.

1. The Funky Furry Bag

When I first heard of fur bags, I thought: seriously? I mean, how warm do your credit cards need to be? Of course, it’s also repulsive to think that animals are being killed for such frivolity. But when Veganni came up with this fun shoulder bag, I was sold. Made from 100% recycled materials including plastic bottles, this is the kind of bag you want cuddled up on your lap whilst you sip coffee in your favourite hangout.


2. The Ideal Clutch

Vegan patent leather is often made of very toxic PVC, but not this glossy Jill Milan bag.  Chic and sleek, it’s just as suitable in the office as it is for after work drinks. With separate interior pockets for money and mobile, this is a practical purchase that will appeal to fashionistas and animal lovers alike – especially as Jill Milan provides support to animal welfare organisations with a percentage of every sale.


3. The Winged Shopper

What’s more on trend right now than a winged vegan leather bag?  This chic tote gives off such an elegant look with its LaBante logo and gold hardware plaques. Grey may not be a fall colour you would go for, rest assured however, this vegan bag made of recycled materials is a stunning option for day or evening wear. The PETA approved vegan brand, Le Bante, brings out a new collection every single season and only ever uses ethically sourced materials for the bags.


4. The Practical Backpack

A Matt and Nat cork backpack is perfect for squeezing in all your work and school supplies. Made of cork and 100% recycled nylon lining, this bag proves Matt and Nat’s commitment to being sustainable as well as using natural detailing. Founded in 1995 in Montreal, Matt and Nat aren’t actually the designers; the name stands for Mat(t)erial and Nature.


6. The Crook of the Arm Bag

This bag will come as a bit of a shock to you – it’s by Givenchy! Whoa, it seems veganism is seriously leaking into the mainstream, and that can only be a good thing. Wear this classic beauty in the crook of your arm while you go shopping, or slung over your shoulder when you’re rushing to catch your flight.


7. The Sweet Satchel

Preppies unite! Wilby has created an entirely eco friendly bag with this  V shaped vegan satchel in a neutral shade. Great for casual wear, it somehow reminds us of one of our fave movie characters ever: Cher from Clueless – sweet!


8. The Chic Shoulder Bag

An 88 handbags vegan friendly shoulder bag that fits all your essentials and more is just what every woman needs. The simple yet sophisticated shape is a classic, with its gold chain and geometrically embossed vegan leather. Having released their 2016 fall collection, 88 Handbags, who are PETA approved, have introduced loads of new styles and colours into their ever-growing collections.



9. The Bag for Girls Who Lose Bags

If you’re at all like me, many times in life, after meeting with friends for a lovely dinner, chatty cafe session or a night out, you’ve simply forgotten your bag. You’ve just left it behind. You smack your forehead with your palm and say ‘not again!’ whilst hoping to God no one has used your contactless credit card to go on a small booze and smokes purchasing spree…

Such things will never happen again with this incredible bag made by Ood, and made of wood! Yes, really. This sweet clutch comes with a bracelet that attaches the bag directly to your wrist. Let the cockail hour begin!


10. The Slouchy Tote

Free People’s vegan Bardot tote back is hungry. It wants your books. Your makeup. Your laptop. Your shopping. You name it! It’s big, it’s basic, and it’s in a gorgeously neutral blush. We could totally see passionate vegan Brigitte Bardot, for whom the bag is named, toting this around the cafes of Paris in her heyday.


11. The Funky Fringe

Fringe is a huge trend for autumn, and this stylish Stella McCartney Falabella faux suede bag embodies it well. Highly skilled manufacturing techniques were used for this bag, and it shows. As for materials, Stella McCartney bags are all of a high sustainable quality- the bags will be made from non-leather cruelty-free materials, the logos will be made from recycled polyester, the cotton will always be organic and the lining is derived from recycled plastic.


12. Lexington Wallet

Love Bottega Veneta’s woven look but hate that they use real leather? This Lexington wallet is for you. Featuring vegan leather that’s woven into a tight, sturdy material, there’s room here for your change, credit cards and more, whilst the zip closure keeps your stuff safely tucked away.


13. The Beautiful Bucket Bag

This looks almost exactly like real leather, but never fear – Free People have made this gorgeous bucket bag from 100% pure vegan-friendly materials. We’re particularly enamoured with the braiding detail and the fringed tassels.


 14. The Ultimate Vegan Gym Bag

We just discovered Sole Society, and tbh, we’re freaking out. It’s a great site for chic vegans searching for shoes, bags, and accessories. This sturdy, well constructed bag is but one of many, many styles you can choose from on their website – great for the gym or a weekend away.


15. The New Bum Bag

Say whaaat, right? But yep, it’s true – the bum bag is back in a big way, thanks to Hipsters for Sisters. To be fair, they call them ‘belt bags’ and they’re actually meant to be slung around your hips, but the convenience of the good ol’ fanny pack is still there. Of course these are 100% vegan friendly, and they’re also ethically made in Los Angeles. Perfect for travelling, or a night out – no need to throw your bag on the dance floor; you can wear this whilst you boogie, with no lost keys and credit cards the next day. Perfect!


16. The Bag That Helps Elephants

This bag may look bright and trendy but it’s actually paying homage to a real and scary reality; the harrowing ivory poaching crisis. Joining Elephantasia this season is U.K. designer C.Nicol with her elephant inspired handbag collection. The bags themselves are crafted from a natural leather alternative, Piñatex®, which is made from pineapple leaf fibre. Designed around the shape of an elephants head, the lining of the bag also holds a special message on the future of the elephant if we don’t take action now. 96 children took part in designing the inside based on their interpretation of what a bright and vibrant elephant is, with the bigger message being: if we don’t protect elephants now, these beautiful and majestic animals may be extinct by the time these children become adults.

Main image: Stella McCartney knapsack photographed by Dario Catellani

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