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Granny Cool: A Rare Interview With Gudrun Sjoden

By Chere Di Boscio Unlike most (usually male) designers, Gudrun Sjoden wants women to be two things: happy and comfortable. Her waistbands here are often elastic; hemlines are low; shoes are sensible; cuts are generous. These are not clothes you’d be…

Clothes Fashion

Great News Or Greenwash? Mango Committed Collection

By Arwa Lodhi It all started with H&M’s Conscious Collection, and now another high street giant has taken steps towards sustainability. Mango has launched a new collection called Mango Committed, comprised of 45 pieces (25 women’s and 20 men’s items).…

Clothes Fashion

Label Love: The Autonomous Collection

By Millennia Severino London based Australian designer, Kim Stevenson founded The Autonomous Collections through her unwavering love of ethical practices and sustainability, which grew from a pressing concern for the environment. Stevenson’s vision is to revive and challenge our…

Clothes Fashion

The Good American: Good Apparel Fashion

By Andrea Plell Take a look at the tags in your clothing. Chances are they read ‘Made in China’, Vietnam or Bangladesh. Unless it’s vintage, finding a garment that’s ‘Made in USA’ might be as rare as plucking a…

Clothes Fashion

Hope For Humans: Project Destiny

 By Arwa Lodhi Human trafficking is a more serious issue than you think. While most of us believe it only happens in countries far from ours, the truth is that sexual slavery exists in every nation around the world,…