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Tried & Tested: Sea Based Beauty from Smiths of Jersey


By Arwa Lodhi

Smith’s of Jersey smells like an ocean breeze. In fact, if smells had a colour, theirs would be blue. And no wonder: ingredients at the heart of their organic beauty range are Seaweed or Marine Algae; the brand heavily relies on the diverse properties of seaweed to bring wide-ranging benefits to the skin.

There is good reason for this: the composition of minerals and trace elements found in seawater is virtually identical to that of human plasma, which contains minerals and vitamins essential to  beauty and well-being, and which may also help to balance the skin’s natural moisture content. This similarity also allows the skin to quickly absorb the essential minerals and vitamins that can help with conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and arthritis, as well as muscular aches and pains.


The sea around Jersey inspired the UK based brand

Big brands like Creme de la Mer use seaweed too, on the basis that even doctors recognise this vegetable was being a strong healing agent that can remove toxins and renew damaged cells; the difference is that Smith’s of Jersey don’t add any nasty chemicals to their cosmetics–this line is 100% natural, and safe for even the most sensitive skin. Moreover, their seaweed is sustainably harvested using traditional gathering methods that respect the ecology and biodiversity. The collection and chemical-free extraction processes used by the company are certified to have met Ecocert’s environmental standards.

Excited to try their line, I started with the Regenerating Honey and Sea Salt Body Scrub, which promised to massage away dead skin cells and eliminate impurities.

Unfortunately, it gummed up in the shower. When the water hit it, it turned waxy and was all but impossible to rinse off. Moreover, there seemed nothing too exfoliating about this; I expected a scrub, but it was more gummy and waxy than scrubby. Not recommended.


However, the brand was quickly redeemed through its Nourishing and Ultra Rich Hand and Foot Cream, which again, really does smell like an ocean breeze. Deliciously rich, it melts right into your skin, leaving it soft and gently perfumed. The cream is pH balanced, rich in soothing and hydrating organic sea fennel, and marine extracts, and is definitely something I will want on my bathroom shelf all year round.

The last product I tried was the Sheer Hydration Body Lotion. This was a much lighter cream, refreshing and perfect for summer. Added to the usual marine extracts was propolis and cornflower water. Results were immediate–although it is meant for the body, it was light enough for me to use on my face, and the slight redness around my nose vanished within minutes.

In short, it seems Smith’s of Jersey has harnessed the power of the sea to bring benefits to the skin. This is a potentially wonderful new skincare range, which we would like to try more of.

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