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Nail Shapes & Shades for Summer 2016

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi Gloves off! It’s all about keeping your nails super shapely this summer. Whether it’s the Almond, Ballerina, Stiletto or Squoval shape in a pastel blue, neutral nude or a punky purple, our nail wish list is filled…

Beauty Nails

Eco Nail Polish Shades for the Holidays

 By Jenna Catherine When you’re opening Christmas presents, holding a glass of bubbly at the office fete or grasping a clutch whilst celebrating New Year’s Eve at the most decadent bars in the city, you know your nails will be…

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Sweet! Candy Coloured Nail Polish

By Neesha Gill Cotton candy pink, cherry drop red and bon bon blue are just a few nail polish shades we found that will make your hands look good enough to eat. And you know what else is sweet?…

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Water Me Pretty: Inglot Nail Polish Review

By Sophia Hussain We’ve all been there, watching in horror as a dampened cotton ball slowly removes polish to reveal manky, yellowed nails–it happens sometimes, as bacteria accumulates under nail polish, and oxygen can’t kill it thanks to the…

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Givenchy Le Vernis Goes 5 Free

By Sophia Hussain What happens when French haute couture creates a nail lacquer collection? A haute manicure debut!  The House of Givenchy was established in 1952 in Paris, but Givenchy Le Vernis was launched in 2013 in hues inspired…

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Makeup Trend: Summertime Blues

By Chere Di Boscio The Sky’s the Limit with Natural Blue Makeup Whilst most girls are flashing coral nails and lips to offset their tans this summer, real fashionistas know that a) tanning is bad for your skin, b)…

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3 Steps to Beautiful Bridal Nails

By Sophia Hussain Whether you’ve recently been engaged or just tied the knot, no doubt your friends have all been demanding “let’s see the ring!” To best showcase this symbol of your eternal love, a good manicure is essential,…

Beauty Nails

The Best Day of the Week? Tuesday in Love!

By Sophia Hussain If you wore nail polish as a little girl, you probably resorted to peeling off the remaining colour rather than using a nail polish remover.  That’s exactly the idea behind this efficient healthy nail polish brand…

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Get Sweet Feet at Sweet Lily NYC

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi Former music manager Donna Perillo opened Sweet Lily in 2002 with the purpose of creating a stylish, socially oriented nail salon where people could catch up from the Financial District after-work, while getting a quality…

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The Best of Natural Beauty 2013

By Chere Di Boscio Over the past year, I’ve tried countless beauty products for Eluxe. Some have been, frankly, terrible–one product melted before I could use it; others came with the oils irreparably separated from the other ingredients, forcing…

Beauty Nails

Tried and Tested: Mavala Nail Polish

By Sophia Hussain My first nail lacquer indulgence was discovering petite bottles of high-gloss colours with a metallic gold brush cap, at a French pharmacy.  There are no tester bottles, but rather, an ingenious display stand with one perfectly…

Beauty Nails

The Nail Kitchen and Kure Bazaar

By Chere Di Boscio There are plenty of cuisines in Paris serving up tasty treats ranging from fluffy, cream-filled chou and coffee to stodgy spinach and goat’s cheese tarts and everything in between. But the BVH department store in the…

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Backstage Beauty with Priti NYC

By Chere Di Boscio Priti NYC, our favourite chem-free nail polish brand, is in huge demand–not only is it the top pick for models around the globe, but makeup artists who create catwalk looks from Paris to New York…

Beauty Nails

Tried and Tested: Priti NYC Review

By Chere Di Boscio The chem-free nail polish market continues to grow, but one of the pioneers in this field was Priti NYC. Conceived in 2005 when its founder, former model Kim D’Amato, fell pregnant and became concerned with…

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Tried and Tested: Nail Girls

By Andrea Feick Sitting at the Elie Saab show this FW 13, I was struck by the rich colour palette on the runway: deep indigo, mysterious teal, rich rose and blueberry shades particularly stuck out. Nail Girls has produced…