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How To Do Halloween Makeup

By Mayela Vazquez

Halloween night is around the corner and getting the perfect look for that night could be a little stressful, especially if you don’t want to spend a lot of time and money on it. But no worries! We have some recommendations that we are sure will help you look amazing.

First, take a look at the things you already have in your closet…what do you have in there? Look for those pieces that can match to create the look that you want. Maybe a black dress could work for a vampire look, gothic fairy or a glamorous witch.

A long white dress could work for a zombie, a ghost bride, an angel or even a mummy costume. Have fun and think of what you can do to pull out some of the accessories or clothes that you haven’t used in a long time–no need to buy anything new! It’s really all about the makeup, really. And here’s how to get started

First, plan ahead!

The first thing you should be doing is sketching out how you want your face to look. Literally draw it out on paper, just like they do when you go to the makeup counter for a make-over. Then follow that as your ‘map.’

Start with a good primer and foundation. While it’s rarely advisable to cover your entire face with foundation as it gives a ‘masked’ look, well…this is actually what we’re after at Hallowe’en, so apply liberally, covering your entire face.

For a more dramatic skin tone effect, you will need a very long lasting foundation much lighter than your skin colour. For this we highly recommend AEOS Liquid Make-Up in Ivory, but you can use whatever you have on hand. Just make it a bit brighter and lighter by adding some of your own under-eye concealer to a few drops of the makeup; mix in your hand and apply. If your costume is a ‘dead’ theme (think: zombies, ghosts…), then pat a bit of powder over your nose and cheeks for a matt look (who wants to be a glowing, dewy zombie!?)

For contouring, focus on creating hollows in your cheeks. To do this, use a darker colour just under your cheekbones–you can use brown or even purple eye shadow for this. Use a small brush to have more control; just be sure to blend well afterwards. You can use a light shimmer to highlight the highest part of your cheekbones and browbones as well.

To ensure your makeup stays in place after a night out, we recommend Kari Gran mineral based setting powder. Just brush across your entire face after your look has been created.


Dramatic Eyes

If you don’t have a thick eyebrow naturally, why not add some of the foundation you applied on your skin and add some powder on top to make them just disappear? This is perfect for ethereal angelic looks, or ‘undead’ zombie/ghost costumes.

For more demonic costumes, you’ll need to use a black or brown eyeliner to draw in a dark eyebrow in whatever shape is best. Here is a pretty cool tutorial on how to get a vampire look:

Prefer a sexier cat look? To get this look, try metallic eyeshadows by AEOS, and Lakshmi does great kohl eye liner, which you can use here both for the eye…and the nose! Get your vegan eyeshadow, contouring and lining brushes at the ready! Instead of only using mascara, why not use a bold fake lash too, like some of these eco friendly ones? Paperself makes perfect, OTT fake lashes for Hallowe’en, in a range of very costume-y styles. Click here to see a few!

This is the time to use all those crazy eye shadow shades in your palette that you’ve never used before–the bruise-blues, the ghoulish greens and the punky purples. But don’t feel limited to eyeshadows–as you can see in the video above, it’s entirely possible to make a powder blusher double as an eyeshadow for a bloody, devilish eye.



All-Out Lips

Choose your lip-color as dark as you desire.

We love Ilia, Lavera and Neals Yard lippies, just because they’re non-toxic (and yep, lipstick DOES get in your mouth!). But if you want a more dramatic look for Halloween, you top your usual lipstick off with a bit of eyeshadow: make sure it’s mineral based, and blend with a drop of coconut oil to make a paste before painting onto lips. Check these coconut water eyeshadows by Josie Maran.

Don’t forget your makeup pencils to help you experiment with lip shapes: if you’re going out as a vampire, make your lips luscious and full. Draw in a sharp cupid’s bow with a dark red or berry lip liner. Not got anything dark enough? Try an eyeliner in violet, or even black, instead.

Going as a Zombie or a ghost? White your lips out with foundation–you’ll look far more ‘undead’ that way!


Witchy Nails

Your manicure should be a part of your costume, too! Priti NYC has come up with some seriously dark nail colours to take you through Hallowe’en, and beyond. We love the Brussels Lace and Constant Nymph for the party season!




Now you should be ready to party! We’d love to see your looks! Feel free to mail them to [email protected]–we will share. Happy Hallowe’en!

Thanks to for these images! Main image: Flickr

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