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Keeping Bad Hair Away With Oway

By Chere Di Boscio Hair salons can be scary places. The air can be thick with toxic fumes from hair sprays, formaldehyde-ridden keratin straightening agents, chemical hair dyes and more. Ammonia can damage your lungs, benzene can cause cancer, and…

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Getting the BLOW Down on Vegan Fashion

By Diane Small Vegan fashion icon Stella McCartney once told PETA: ‘we address…ethical or ecological…questions in every other part of our lives except fashion. Mind-sets are changing, though, which is encouraging.’ It certainly is encouraging that designers like Stella…

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15 Cult Organic Beauty Bloggers

By Simona Campli In all honesty, Eluxe’s beauty section rocks. We cover some areas that few others do, and our beauty articles, like Our Top Natural Shampoos,  Natural Alternatives to Botox and the Best Natural Hair Dyes, are also…

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20 Vegan Beauty Must Haves

By Jenna Catherine   Step aside Lancôme, L’Oreal, Olay and Estée Lauder – cruelty free beauty products are on the rise! After learning that some of their favourite beauty brands are not only being tested on animals around the…

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Sean James Celebrity Hair Tips

By Diane Small   As a hairstylist to many of Hollywood’s A-list stars including Paris and Nicky Hilton, Kim Kardashian and many more, hair expert Sean James knows how to be on the cutting edge. We went behind the…

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A Dark Art: How to Dye Your Hair Darker

By Shilpi Tomar Fall is one of the most anticipated seasons of the year, when a whole new fashion and beauty vibe takes over. Our floaty summer dresses and kaftans are stored for another season, and our salty, sun…

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How To Manage Long Thick Hair

Meet lovely Jenna Catherine, our new Beauty Blogger! A native of Canada, Jenna’s YouTube channel the Natural Beautiful Life has become an international hit for her honest reviews of non-chemical beautiful products, her talent with a makeup brush, and…

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How to Care for Hair Extensions Naturally

By Korie Cantor Getting hair extensions is a great way to have thicker and longer locks. They come in a range of application styles, colours, textures, and densities so that you can get a seamless finish by picking whatever…

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How to Grow Longer Hair Fast & Naturally

By Arwa Lodhi Hair typically grows about a quarter of an inch to a half an inch maximum a month, but that’s only if it’s super-healthy. While many are eager to buy chemical potions that can help hair growth,…

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The 10 Best Organic Hair Styling Products

By Diane Small Anyone who’s entered a busy hair salon knows how hairspray can cause a cough–and no wonder! Common chemicals found in hairspray are aerosol propellants, alcohol, carcinogenic polyvinylpyrrolidone plastic, formaldehyde, and artificial fragrance, which can cause low…

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Our Top 10 Natural & Organic Shampoos

By Arwa Lodhi While we often worry about what goes in our cosmetics and skincare, we neglect to check the ingredients of a product we all use every day: shampoo. And unfortunately, almost all commercial shampoos contain ingredients that…

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9 Natural Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

By Jody McCutcheon We are as attached to our head’s hair as it (initially) is to us. When we start losing it, we really start, uh, losing it—and we want it back. Our hair, that is. As far back…

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10 Best Beauty Products for Flying

By Sophia Hussain Jet-setting across the world not only increases your carbon footprint, but it definitely wrecks havoc to your skin too, leaving you looking and feeling less than refreshed.  But never fear–you can look better than when you…

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11 of the Best Natural Hair Dyes

By Sophia Hussain Women have always coveted long, luxurious locks, as it’s the ultimate signature of feminine youth and beauty.  We use hair colour to better match our personal style, or to mask emerging white hair.  But as much as…

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Top 10 Questions About Hair Care: Answered!

By Chere Di Boscio In ancient times, water was mixed with lemon juice to remove sebum from the hair, and this tradition carried on for many centuries in Europe until British hairdressers adopted the verb “champo”, meaning “massage” in Hindi,…

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Just One Condition: the Best Co Washing Shampoos

By Arwa Lodhi We’ve already mentioned the dangers of chemically loaded shampoos here in Eluxe, but in case you missed that article, the sulphates in most commercial shampoos can cause everything from skin irritation and hair loss, and the…

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Great Organic Grooming Brands for Guys

By Sophia Hussain Hello handsome!  Maintain your masculine skin with skincare designed especially to address the needs of male skin.  In comparison with women’s skin, men’s skin is oilier, has larger pores, and is more sensitive due to a…

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Muslim Beauty Options? Halal Yes!

By Sophia Hussain Muslim women love to be beautiful. They line their eyes with kohl, wear the finest perfumes, are always perfectly manicured…but those who are most devout can face obstacles. What if their cosmetics contain ingredients forbidden by…