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15 Cult Organic Beauty Bloggers

By Simona Campli

In all honesty, Eluxe’s beauty section rocks. We cover some areas that few others do, and our beauty articles, like Our Top Natural Shampoos,  Natural Alternatives to Botox and the Best Natural Hair Dyes, are also some of our most popular. We never accept sponsored beauty posts, and even when we get free stuff, we review it honestly.

But there are plenty of other voices in the realm of organic and natural beauty, and they have a lot of interesting information to share. From teaching you about which cosmetic ingredients are the best (and worst) to introducing you to new products and makeup techniques, finding a good beauty blog could literally change your life.

Here, we’ve found 15 Organic Beauty Bloggers who have gained a cult following thanks to their vast knowledge, awesome beauty advice and gorgeous photography. When we say ‘organic’, we use that term a bit loosely – all the bloggers mention at least a little about organic beauty, but not everything they cover is necessarily organic; rather, we selected them based on their holistic, natural approach to beauty.

So why not pay them a visit, and in the comments section below, let us know if we missed anyone!

1. Organic Beauty Blogger


Blogger’s name: Inga

Bio: With a real passion for non-toxic beauty, Inga offers very detailed and practical reviews of a variety of organic beauty products with a particular focus on cost-effectiveness.

We Love: Inga’s beauty routines: she’s really good at teaching viewers how to introduce the products in your everyday beauty regime.

2. Edible Facial


Blogger’s name:  Sarita Coren

Bio: A social worker turned to holistic mum, in her 20 years of experience in the field of organic beauty, Sarita has gained a lot of experience. She doesn’t just repeat what she reads on popular sites like the Environmental Working Group – she questions everything! No wonder she’s earned the title of  “the godmother of green beauty”. 

We love: Sarita’s a really nurturing soul and does her best to ‘send the elevator back down’, bigging up other younger beauty bloggers. She also does some pretty wicked giveaways – check them out!

3. Beauty By Britanie


Blogger’s name: Britanie

Bio: Britanie’s dedication to a clean and detox life comes from her personal struggle with several chronic illnesses. After learning to detox her system via changing what she puts into her body, it soon dawned on her that what she put on to it counted, too – including skincare and makeup. She has also co-created the Bohemian Natural MakeUp Collection with Modern Minerals and Lotus Wei.

We Love: Her DIY Beauty section. This is a great demonstration of the truly ‘handmade and natural’ beauty approach in practice

4. OneLove Organics



Blogger’s name: Suzanne

Bio: This is the blog of Suzanne’s luxury skincare brand that she created based on the philosophy of Less is More and the love for beauty rituals. With the support of her loving husband Chase, her dream to pass on the knowledge she gained through many years of experience in the sector was realised through the creation of her natural and organic products.

We love: Her absolutely awesome video tutorial section. Watch & learn!

5. Organic Beauty Talk


Blogger’s name: Brandie

Bio: Organic is Best. Brandie Gilliam really believes it and that is why her beauty blog actually covers more than beauty. You can find reviews of her travels, natural products for pets, eco-friendly homeware as well as interviews with green experts.

We love:  The men’s section! Why hasn’t anyone thought of that before? Here, you can share your organic love with your partner, dad, brother and male friends too.

6. Natural Beauty Workshop



Blogger’s name: Mary Helen

Bio: Mary Helen is a true beauty star! As the name of this natural and skincare blog suggests, it is a place to learn how to create your own organic beauty products made of unique combinations of ingredients from scratch. Never fear, the recipes are very well explained, so even a beauty novice can create some amazing stuff.

We loveIn-depth profiles of the most interesting of ingredients such as Vanilla Bourbon CO2 extract or Rose Hip Seed Oil.

7. Short Small Sweet


Blogger’s name: Ru

Bio: The blog started out as a space for Ru to record her life and travels in Japan, but after moving to the USA, she discovered the toxic reality of beauty industry. Consequently she decided to embrace a natural and organic lifestyle starting with using more natural beauty products.

We love:  Her Green Beauty shop on Etsy. More than a simple shopping guide, here you find a selection of interviews and product presentations all on the online shopping site Etsy. Read about, choose and buy all in one place!

8. Mademoiselle Nature


Blogger’s name: Mademoiselle Nature is the handle she goes by…we don’t know her real name!

Bio: The creation of a Biochemistry/Cell Biology PhD, this blog backs its reasons for avoiding certain ingredients with hard scientific facts. Here, you’ll find concrete knowledge about beauty products that may just blow your mind.

We Love:  The tips section is full of honest advice that will help guide you towards making better beauty choices.

9. Nephriticus


Blogger’s name: Jade  

Bio: This is a super fun blog made with love by a young natural lifestyle lover. She doesn’t claim to have professional expertise; just a strong passion for healthy living. Her fresh writing style, enthusiasm and friendly tone makes this a blog you’ll want to visit every day.  

We love: Her simple, honest advice and approach to beauty.

10. Smells Like A Green Spirit


Blogger’s name: Liz.

BIO: Using the writer’s words “Switching to a greener and more eco-conscious way of life seems like a daunting and confusing task at first, but once you take the leap you won’t go back. “ Next to Beauty and Make Up, Liz navigates her readers through Food and Wellbeing tips. The general atmosphere of the blog is very personal and fun, it seems truly you’re having a chat with a close friend while discovering the best selection of green and sustainable products.

LOOK UP FOR: The Little Gems category, the writer’s best finds of the web’s artisanal online beauty shops.

11.  Let’s Talk About Green 


Blogger’s name: Julie

Bio: This is an usual blog in the sense that it’s bilingual – English and French. French Canadian blogger Julie ensures her readers that she never accepts sponsorships for articles, so all the opinions are her very own.

We love: Hailing from Quebec, Canada, Julie has some interesting products here that you won’t find on other sites, and sells some of them in her online shop, too. You’re almost guaranteed to find a new product you’ll love!

12. NatuRia Beauty


Blogger’s name:  Ria, as in ‘NatuRia’.

Bio: Naturia Beauty is a kind of sharing economy applied to blogging, with an ever-growing community of green supporters that exchange tips and products thanks to the beauty swaps.

We Love: The empties reviews. Ria is a very conscious consumer so finishing a product doesn’t necessarily mean she loved it! The good and bad points of each product are discussed frankly and honestly.

13. The Green Product Junkie


Blogger’s name: Katie

Bio: A true native New Yorker, Katie has turned an obsession on everything green and non-toxic in a very practical blog. Along with in-depth presentations of beauty, makeup and homeware green products, she rewards her readers with great news about sales and promotions.

We Love: It may be slightly off topic, the ECO HOME section is filled with well-curated information for a helping you to get a more fully eco-friendly lifestyle.

14. Call It Vanity



Blogger’s names:  Sabrina and Mayah

Bio: The friends who run Call it Vanity have no shame in admitting their total obsession for beauty and makeup. Their strong commitment to quality and natural ingredients gives their readers the best mix of trendy yet green choices.

We Love: The list of Do’s and Dont’s on How to Go Green.

15. Living Pretty Naturally


Blogger’s name: Kate

Bio: Kate’s passion for natural living and holistic health is apparently inspired by her mom. Aw! Kate really knows her stuff – she’s fully versed not only on which ingredients really work for you in skincare and makeup, but also on which ones are to be avoided, not only in beauty products, but household cleaning products, too.

We Love:  There’s a ton of great info here, covering fitness, cleaning your home healthily and recipes too.

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